Photographs, then Monet, then Questions

Giverney in Martha's Vinyard
Indira Ganesan, Giverney in Martha’s Vineyard, 201
blurred close up of vinyard meadow
Indira Ganesan, Blurred Meadow, Summer 2012
Claude Monet 056
Claude Monet, detail:The Artist’s Garden at Giverney, Yale University, Wikipedia

The Cape’s monsoon season has started.  Hardly, but there has been rain and grey skies that burst open into afternoon gold.  This morning’s rain must have been the sound of wind through the trees.  Autumn is here, but early days. I discovered some photographs from my summer jaunt to Martha’s Vineyard.  It feels strange to attach my name to these, but they are photographs using an iPod with enhancement features.

What season stands out for you? What season do you photograph more than others? Are you in your season or do you wish to be transported into another?

3 thoughts on “Photographs, then Monet, then Questions

  1. Summer has been my favorite season, but I’m coming to love each season as much as I love summer! Each in the cycle of nature unfolds with such drama and color, transcendence and immanence. Your photographs are stunning and touch my deeply, thank you.


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