Indira Ganesan, Starling, in the Middle, 2012

The starlings are puffed up and resting in the trees.  It is a bleak sky day, but the fall colors  are brilliant, touched with rain.  Amazingly, the pot of tree fuchsia on the balcony is still in bloom.  If I go out to take a picture, I will scare the birds away, so here is an interior shot.

I have been working as if it is October.  Fall days, full of deadlines, news.  The debate last night which I hovered between watching, then switching to Henning Mankell’s  “Wallender” when my blood pressure seemed to shoot up.  Let us not elect a bully this year.

All I have to offer today, day of drizzle, rain, and splendid color, are more photos, magically and digitally enhanced.

Indira Ganesan, Provincetown Harbor, Color Enhanced, 2012

Indira Ganesan, As It Is, 2012

Indira Ganesan, Pamet Harbor, Enhanced, 2012


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