Happy New Year

Indira Ganesan, Ptown Fireworks 1, Dec 2021
Indira Ganesan, Ptown Fireworks 2, Dec 2021
Indira Ganesan, Ptown Fireworks 3, Dec 2021

They look like chrysanthemums, air flowers. And some looked like Looney Tunes cartoons, all fizz and sparkle and zany. Some were ovals, smileys, and stars. A few now look like the virus, where before they would merely have looked like fireworks. But there were many more to distract, to resemble waterfalls, and multi-colored explosions. Before they looked like the virus, they looked like military explosions, sadly. And they are never good for animals. For me, though, fireworks still thrill, resembling flowers, Spirograph, spectacle. Who knows what they new year will bring?

Googling Wikipedia, I found these early depictions.

Have a great one, and thank you for reading.