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October Workshop

Wellfleet Preservation Hall

So delighted to present another Writing Workshop at Wellfleet Preservation Hall this October 19-21. The students have been dynamic, talented, and generous. The class offers a limited enrollment to keep the class small, and with the weather getting chillier, we will be inside the hall with its new state-of-the-art air filtration system. We will read short travel pieces, write in class, take work home for revision, and share with the group. Whether you want to jump-start your writing practice, or take your work to a deeper level in a structured class, The Writing Garden will help you put pen to paper. Open to beginning and experienced writers.

Dahlias revisited

Indira Ganesan,Dahlias I , summer 2021
Indira Ganesan, Dahlias II Summer 2021

With a few repeats thrown in, here is an updated look at the dahlias in the garden this summer. I count twelve different varieties pictured, though there are a little over a handful that never bloomed. One never knows what will happen planting tubers, or potting up seedlings, but the sight of each flower never ceases to amaze.