The Final Edits

Indira Ganesan, Shimmer, 2012

Over a year ago, my novel was accepted, and I have worked on its various stages before it comes out in print this winter.  To say I am mildly obsessed about it is putting it, well, mildly.  When my last book came out, the towers were still with us, the X-Files were on the air, and I had never see a Whole Foods.  I had just learned to use email and had my first account;my first messages were telegramatically  terse.  Now, all this time later, I am going over the final edits, what is known as a “second pass” slowly.

I am on page 119.

I took a walk and a neighbor pointed out flocks of butterflies on buddleia.

Indira Ganesan, Butterfly at neighboring garden, 2012

Indira Ganesan, Butterfly At Neighboring Garden 2, 2012

Indira Ganesan, Butterfly ang3, 2012

Indira Ganesan, Butterfly, neighbor’s house, 2012


1 thought on “The Final Edits

  1. Ch Cole

    From Joyous Buddhelia Butter/flutterbies….to One Voice/Deeper in the Well/Calling all Angels…..AND Oh Superman !!!! what great energies and possibilities….and and and are flowing forth from yr pen/pencil/cd players/radiopersona…..Your Heart….and September Indira Light-ness….I we….thank you….sweet friend of/on the airwaves/cyberwaves….

    Final edit – ON!!!!!


    ps…totally enjoyed the chant-ish earliest of Morning segments that flowed on into the poetry raps…..what a good way to start the new week……

    Miles is still beyond me…..but I trust….and hope for clarity in my future….;-D…



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