Sometimes when the “here” is just right

Indira Ganesan, Silkie Chicks in a Provincetown Storefront window, 2018

It doesn’t always happen, but I was so full of affection for my town recently.  The film festival was in town, so that was fun.  Saw this, this, and this.  And this, this and this. They were all in, in a word, phenomenal.  The audience voted for its favorite.  One day between films I ate a sundae for dinner, making sure to get my protein and fruit: peanut butter cup ice cream with cacao, I mean hot fudge, and a maraschino cherry.  If that wasn’t enough to put a townie in a good mood, then seeing a cluck of chicks in a store window was.  Not just any chicks, but Silkie Chicks who frankly look like muppets when grown, or perhaps baby snow owls. John Waters rode by on his bike. Molly Shannon took a bow. And possibly Rachel Maddow was out on a stroll, though, sadly,  I would not have recognized her.* It felt perfectly right to be be where I was, in town, watching art films, thinking about the choices one makes in life in pursuit of art and work, and how the world reacts.  .  Life recedes, but it comes back quickly, with the news.


*before rightly she lost her compusure and breaking down in tears reading about  babies kept in cages as required by governmental order.  Our government.

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