June Sweater

Indira Ganesan, June Rain, 2018

I’ve got my sweater on as the rains pours away.  The flowers drenched, the thirsty earth soil quenched.  I type as I hum a song and get nostalgic for a memory I never had.

Read some very good books:  The House of NamesSong of Achilles; Home Fire; Circe; and am a quarter way into Cloud Atlas; and  The Idiot (by Elif Bautman) as well.

Summers are meant for books you can sink your teeth in without interruption, a book that makes you eager to turn the page, wake early to start again, if your reading is interrupted.  I’m not clinking quite with the last two as I did the others (clicking is the word that should be used, but I think of the sound of toasting, raising a glass to a novel’s good health.)

Let me know what great book you are devouring now.


  1. Hello Indira,
    We met this evening at the Fort Hill area. I have signed up for your blog and am looking forward to reading your most recent novel. Thanks for sharing your interview with the persistant interviewer! My husband and I spent a memorable day in Pondicherry two years ago, during our month in India, so I sparked to the mention of it as your native town. We were in the area to see many things, particularly the sculpture of the Descent of the Ganges at Mamallapuram. I hope we meet again. Let me know if you are coming to Los Angeles and I’d be happy to share some of the city with you. Meanwhile, I am about to read Circe, have just finished Jennifer Egan’s Manhattan Beach and have The Ruined House by Ruby Namdar on order from CLAMS.
    Kind regards, Nina


    • Hi Nina,

      It was great fun to meet you! I’m a Srirangam native actually, and spent time near Delhi growing up, but I love Pondy. I hope we remain in touch, and I will give a shout if in LA. You might enjoy listening to music from India and beyond on womr.org Sunday mornings, 6-9. I host a music program called Namaste.

      Be well,



  2. I really enjoyed Cloud Atlas, and it was the first book we read in my Bookclub some 10 yrs. ago so I will always have fond memories of it. I love reading books without interruption (one of the few benefits of being unemployed!!). The last book I read in one sitting during a brilliant thunderstorm that lasted all night was All the Light We Cannot See – loved it!! Have recently been reading African-American lit – ie.The Underground Railroad, Their Eyes were watching God, and currently Homegoing – and then I will take a break from the genre as it can be quite heavy going. Hope you are doing well! xx Leila

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