A look ahead, an adjustment, and a reintroduction

Indira Ganesan, Look, 2013

Indira Ganesan, Look, 2013

I just joined a thirty-day blogging course offered by WordPress, with the idea to learn something new about blogging.  I started back in January, 2010, not knowing much.  I thought I would post non-personal observations about, say, food, gardening, and books.  the first posts were erratic, but I have since settled into a twice-monthly format.  The blog has become more personal, to the extent a friend once asked me about an event, but commented she would probably read about here.  Of course this gave me pause.  Do I blog instead of calling, instead of writing a letter? Is a blog really an essay or a year round holiday letter? And should I not be seeking to publish this stuff, if any of it is interesting? Isn’t that what I do–write professionally?

I am an Indian immigrant who learned English in kindergarten in St. Louis, and took to writing because I liked listening to and telling stories.  My grade school teachers encourage me, even if I took things literally ( asked to write another story “just like this” In second grade, I went home, and copied my story in neater script.) My sixth grade teacher gave me discipline with deadlines, as she required a story every week.  I knew I wanted to major in English Literature in high school, dropped Drivers Ed in favor of Mythology.  At Vassar, after an intriguing year in India studying Fine Arts, I went back to English Lit.  A teacher at entered my work for a selective course in Narrative Writing, and I realized The New Yorker not only published reviews by Pauline Kael but also short stories.  I started my first novel in graduate school, and finished it three years later  in Provincetown. I did not learn to drive until I was thirty, but I had a publishing contract at twenty-seven.

Okay, that does make me proud, even if I dropped the ball on a promising career, and did not publish again until seven years had passed.  Another sixteen years would pass before my latest.  So what do I see ahead of me? More teaching, more writing.  Maybe a lessening of procrastination and doubt.  Maybe less silent comparison to this writer or that writer.  In my personal life, I have remained single for a long time, and I suspect that status will continue, though I have become a pet guardian. I will continue to make food, try to return to yoga, eat more vegetables.  I would like to make soup.  Eat more pickled things.  (Here is Mark Bittman on the subject of eating healthier.)

I hope I continue to have good people in my life.

4 thoughts on “A look ahead, an adjustment, and a reintroduction

  1. Yan Jing's Family

    Good questions. Wise answers

    You are brave for starting a blog “not knowing”.
    After all, a writer should blog as she leads the language way for us all. Your format works well. The content inspires thoughts, tears, or laughter, without overwhelming.

    So many interesting blogs loose me because they say too much.

    You are elegant by Diana Vreeland’s definition, “Elegance is refusal.”. Refusing to drive, how rare that is! Book before car. Elegant priority!

    I love reading about Indira, the little girl. I will share this with Amanda, an aspiring young writer.

    Here’s to soup and pickles and all of your hopes for 2014.

    (I, too had a hard time finding where to comment, but I got here after reading Sandra’s comment.)


  2. Sandra

    Tried to comment on this blog, but didn’t see the comment box. Anyway, glad I read this post, it got me to read the WordPress email and jump in myself, see if I can jump start my own blog. Loved your comments from the previous day, about staying in the moment, etc. Was thinking of the reblog button, but don’t know what that means yet, so just faking reference to your post in my draft post on the subject.

    Cheers, Sandra LoveJoyPeace




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