Sweet News

Right now, the snow is whirling like a dust storm in a frenzy of wind.  Once again, Cape Cod has weather. Friday night, Stephen Russell of Wellfleet Market Place, which features an uncommonly fine collection of books on its shelves, hosted a reading and launch for As Sweet as Honey.  In an evening full of warmth, in a room filled with friends, and local writers and readers, after Stephen’s moving introduction, I read from the book, and chatted with writer Kathy Shorr on stage about Salman Rushdie’s genius articulation of  imaginary homelands.


Honey (Photo credit: quisnovus)

I signed some books, and continued the evening doing what I love, talking about books.

How often in our electronic worlds do we not simply talk about the books we are reading and have read.

The next evening, I attended a reception to welcome the new director of The Fine Arts Work Center, who takes the helm of a program devoted to giving time and space to emerging writers and artists.  Seven months to dream and work, year after year since 1968.

I completed my first book there, and began the second.  Would that I could make some headway into the fourth.

This is an article written by Sarah Shemkus for the Cape Cod Times.  Over tea, we spoke about writing.  Hope you enjoy!

Author chooses Provincetown for her literary retreat | CapeCodOnline.com.

9 thoughts on “Sweet News

  1. Yan Jing's Family

    I was just outside feeding the birds (safflower seeds for nuthatch, titmouse, chickadee, red bellied woodpecker; thistle seeds for the junco. I thought about your Sweet News as the birds performed a quiet, sweet chorus. So happy for you! Wish I could have been there. Hope you are coming here soon for your Supper Club Reading.

    Love, birds, cats, dogs, and me.


  2. joseph freitas

    Dearest Indira We are so happy that your reading went well and that you were surrounded by friends and writers and readers! We are so sorry we could not be a part of history!! As you know, we were very much looking forward to it, but we had our first major catering event on Saturday at the Wellfleet Theater (200 people) where we were asked to manage their concession stand for the showing of Rigoletto. We were at the store until very late getting ready for the opera and could not attend your event. So please know that we were with you in heart and mind. We were going to text you around 7 to let you know, but it seemed like a downer and we knew you needed to be UP! We want to hear ALL ABOUT IT — if not asap, then on our next car ride to Boston with you! XXOO Joe and Chris



    1. indiraganesan Post author

      Hi Joe & Chris,
      Rigoletto! (Of course, I know rigottini more!) I missed you both, and sensed you were at the store–congratulations on the catering gala!
      And yes, a 141 reading is one I want to do!!


  3. danabeesvoice

    Dear Indira, first of all, thank you for another lovely and beautifully expressed post. When I read the article by Sarah Shemkus, and read of your journey towards writing and all that you have done, I couldn’t help but wonder why you took the Free Write Fling and the other class with Cynthia Morris. You’re such a committed and prolific writer and educator already…I just can’t help wondering. It was wonderful to meet you that way, so I’m very very happy you did take the classes. I feel so touched by your presence in the world. And I really want to get a copy of As Sweet As Honey now! Thank you for your inspiration. I feel blessed to know you. -Dana


    1. indiraganesan Post author

      Hi Dana,
      I wrote in the dark for so many years. When I first heard of Cynthia, it was in a collaboration with one of my yoga teachers. I took the classes because of Cynthia’s sheer enthusiasm, and for the community. Your correspondance proves how good a writing community is, no matter what we are working on.



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