All around the ice is melting

February has always in my mind contained a “false spring.”  I must have heard the phrase in Iowa, decades back, where a lull in the harshness of winter, where as newly arrived graduate students, we were told that temperatures could freeze eyelashes, created a sense of spring.  Somehow I imagine forsythia blooming, but I am really thinking of March or April in a mild global warming (it has been happening for years) when the bright yellow flowers played up so against the patches of snow, and tufts of green grass.

Here in the northeast of the united states, we had a paroxysm of blizzard, wind shutting power grids which still have not been righted.  A cab driver told me he slept in his closet during the frigid temperatures with a camp-stove.

But now the ice is melting.  chunks of snow fall from the roof, and birds are singing again.  A squirrel comes to inspect what she can, and I have propped open a screened window for some fresh air.

I think of the TV series Northern Exposure when they once had an episode about the actual spring thaw, when if I am remembering correctly, libido was released in a frenzy.

Valentine’s Day is approaching.  A day whose ideal more than anything to give love, and give more love. Keep on giving, and try again when you recognize you still have not let go of those old patterns of a bittered heart.  Tell yourself,there is no use in bitterness, except as one of the seven or is it five senses of taste.  Just give love, and give more love.


3 thoughts on “All around the ice is melting

  1. danabeesvoice

    Indira, this was a lovely post with so many sensual moments in it. My LOL moment was about Northern Exposure and the statement that libido is released in a frenzy in the springtime. Lovely, and it was happily remembered time from watching that show (one of only two shows per week I watched at the time – the other, Seinfeld). Oh, the story of the cab driver sleeping in his closet with his camp stove on – kinda scary. Mostly I just liked your many references to spring – very sweet and touching. Especially reminders of forsythia, my second real treat at springtime right after the pasque flowers push their furry heads out of the ground. Thank you, Dana



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