The Past Eight Days

A Chronological List:

1. Received a lovely job offer from Emerson College for the spring.

2. Ashtanga, after five months.

3. Turned 52.

4.. President Barack Hussein Obama re-elected!

5. Nor’easter hits the Cape.

6. Day two of relentless rain and howling wind.

7. My parents’ power returned.

8. My niece’s school reopened.

9. Power in other homes and other schools still remain shut down.

10. Completed a short story, “Counterpoint.”



3 thoughts on “The Past Eight Days

  1. Barbara

    Hello Indira,

    Beautiful photograph of you. I’d love to read Counterpoint.

    Glad to hear you’ll be close by at Emerson College.


  2. Yan Jing's Family

    Happy Birthday deAr friend. Congrats to you and Emerson for getting you.

    Love from us, who are merrily running off the grid in West Amwell, NJ. Day 12.


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