November First (three days after)

Today I went to look at the ocean and snap iPod photos.  Later I spoke to most of my family who seem well, though waiting for power.  To look at the devastation that this Hurricane has wrought is humbling; to see places I’ve lived covered in water is sobering.  Virginia and Ohio are sending workers to NJ to help restore power.  NJ is helping NY.  In six days, we have an election.

Meanwhile, the ocean, sand and gulls today were cold and clear in the sun.

1 thought on “November First (three days after)

  1. danabeesvoice

    Indira, I liked your short post and the pictures of the beach. Is that the Indian Ocean? I’m under the impression that you live in India…but I could be wrong! I’m glad to hear your family in the northeast US is doing well. Yes, the pictures of the devastation from the storm are indeed humbling. -Dana



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