Rain-Streaked Windows of Promise

Princeton University garden-1

Princeton University garden-1 (Photo credit: musical photo man)

I never know what awaits when I draw the curtains open each morning.  Today, the windows were streaked with rain, a thrilling sight.  The wind is from the north, and all weekend, it has been sounding through the trees, (but a bird chirps now, through it).  The ferries were cancelled, maybe flights, but I bet the surf was good.  Now the fine mist pour is being shifted around in all directions.  The radio tells me that astrologically there was a lunar eclipse,and maybe we should go back to sleep.  I’m awake, it’s morning, and TOMORROW JUNE 5 at 6:03 pm ET, Venus begins its transit across the sun.  Before that, a dear friend’s daughter will graduate from the music department at Princeton, continuing her trajectory into a universe that is both measured and immeasurable.


3 thoughts on “Rain-Streaked Windows of Promise

  1. Yan Jing's family

    Can one like without being “faced”. I say, “yes”. I like this blog, too. I have no curtains except my eyes and when I opened them this morning the windows were full of green and gold dappled light. Air: washed clean by yesterday’s parade of showers. I thought Venus did her sundance yesterday behind the sweeping clouds. Thank you for reminding us the transit will be on this gentle clear day.



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