When they run

line of clouds

2012, Indira Ganesan, Cape Cod clouds, in a line

I caught a glimpse of the horses running yesterday.  I watched as the white and brown raced one another, first one in the lead, then the other.  They are so beautiful, so breathtaking.  It is like a good poem;  it stuns you out of your daily life for a moment.  I don’t know wat I did to deserve this within my sight.

I planted lettuce.  As I prepared the soil in a container, before I even tore the packet of seeds open, on the balcony, a rabbit appeared below.  It had a hint of reddish fur on its nape.  There was a New Yorker cartoon in which a man turns his back on his lush rooftop garden white giant rabbits with wings swoop down to carry off the carrots.

Sighted a snake, oozing into the rocks.  Apparently, there are seven kinds of snakes in these parts, non venomous.  This was either a racer or a watersnake.   For much of the day, I was leery of going barefoot inside the house, even though the snake was outside.

This morning, I saw a yellow bird –harbinger of summer colors?

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