Stumbling through my eyes

La Vase Paille, Oil on canvas, 73 x 60 cm - The Barnes Foundation, Merion, Pennsylvania

La Vase Paille




That’s what I read, but the sentence I read really said “Istanbul” not “Stumbling.”  What I thought it said sounds like a song by Gilbert O’Sullivan (Stumblin’ thru my eyes/  what a big surprise/ I thought I knew but what I knew I never really knew/Alone Again/ Natur’ly.)



Speaking of Istanbul, my brilliant friend and poet, Lillias Bever is the author of Bellini in Istanbul, from Tupelo Press.  It is a beautiful book!

It was Cezanne’s birthday a few weeks back. It’s Saturday, and once again, I’m rewriting.  The book is not done. The next time I finish the book, finish this revision, I’m keeping quiet.  I spent some of the afternoon listening to Colson Whitehead‘s lecture on How to Write at a Chicago Humanities Festival on the web.  Toni Morrison, with her wonderfully rich voice is also on the site, and it felt good to recognize her voice.

All this stumbling through the mind today.

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