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What does one do after the project is done?  I think you start a new one.  It’s like making a habit of reading books at bedtime.  If you find yourself without, you look woefully at the seed catalogues and magazines, but they just leave your mind more awake.  What you need is a good novel.

My next book of fiction.  I think the way to do it is write in the morning, steadily, until an idea pops out.  Usually, my best ideas come while I’m washing the dishes.  I’ve got an inkling, a young heroine and a mysterious cave.

If I were to cluster “cave” I’d get:

dark                      bats                       riches                    clouds, lack of

paths                              cave magic

wings fluttering              entrance             hidden            mysterious        protagonist

Of course the problem in clustering on a public medium is the degree of self-consciousness that enters the game.  That is why blogging is different from composing a novel.  The latter needs, what? Many many drafts and no one looking.  The former requires instantaneous verve.

2 thoughts on “after done

  1. yan jing's family

    Is it a cave? Is it a root cellar? Is it a wine cellar? Whatever, I want to enter and explore.

    Mulling is good. Cluster mull: mulled wine, ponder, make sweet, Mulligatawny soup. New word for me as a noun: a soft muslin esp. used in bookbinding. Muller: Flat stone used to grind powders and pigments.

    Can we have verve without mulling?

    Thank-you for a breakfast of words and morning nourishment of thoughts.



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