Pumpkin deconstruction

After ridiculously hosting that poor pumpkin, the squirrels finally found a way to eat the thing, and they did.
I carved a Jack O’ Lantern, tried to light it without luck, but it did survive for a day. Halloween having passed, I took it out to the compost where the squirrels aren’t interested.
Meanwhile, there’s a mouse in my house. Black, velvety, fast. Now I’m obsessed with the idea the place smells like mouse. And it’s the reason I’m still up at 2:30am.

3 thoughts on “Pumpkin deconstruction

  1. megan

    thoroughly enjoyed your blog. going back to the disappearing honeybee video. awaiting your new work. have you something to share now? megan


  2. yan jing's family

    Happy Birthday, Indira!!!! Happy New Moon!!! Happy Diwali!!! Happy Pumpkin Waning. Happy Mousey nights (we have them, too, even though our house smells like cat). Juncos, our sweet winter birds, just returned here on Wednesday afternoon, when the waning crescent moon was at Perigee. Love, your T-dog family



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