I received a pumpkin from one of the realtors who always delivers pumpkins to the neighborhood.  Mine is a small, lovely green stripy orange one,  and true to form, a squirrel already nibbled a bit.

A little nibble that must have been interrupted.  I took the pumpkin in, cut out the bitten part, set it in the yard for the squirrel to finish, while I hoarded the pumpkin in the fridge.  Eating the Halloween pumpkin seemed rude, somehow–so I went on the internet to see what measures to take to guard against squirrels.  The first time I got the gift pumpkin, a nice sized one, the squirrels demolished it in minutes, leaving only bits and the stem.  Same thing the next year, even as my neighbor’s pumpkin remained unscathed.  The third year, I don’t think I got a pumpkin.

I applied vaseline over the orange flesh & applied Hot Sauce, after duct taping the hole from the bite.  Here’s what it looks like:

I’m not sure it really works. What do you think?

6 thoughts on “Pumpkins

  1. yan jing's family

    Duct Tape? Well, it’s a look. You might be onto something. The New Look for fashionable pumpkins this season. Perhaps, you can cut the tape into the shape of a star, or for next month, a Diwali Candle. Happy Beautiful Magical October. love, di


      1. yan jing's family

        Yeah, Kenzo…put a little color on that duct tape. I guess the squirrels use the stem to sharpen their teeth. They’re so resourceful… dinner, then floss.


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