seasonal shift

The mornings have become chilly again, so much so that I lit the oven and baked banana bread. It was as if Mother Nature looked at her calendar, and said, okay, let’s move on.

Jupiter is very big in Eastern shy right now.

The garden got the nod from Mother Nature, too. My herbs have bid adieu, as have many of the flowers getting Northern light. A nasturtium braves it out, as do the geraniums. It’s time to bring in the plants. one great thing is the bees are in good number, buzzing around the dahlias. At the farmer’s market they flew around the sunflowers, and customers bravely bought the bunches, bees and all. Here is a link to a most wonderful video (10 minutes long) on the plight of the honeybees from the ilovepeanutbutter website:

One Comment

This is so tender, and I especially love your comment about people buying the sunflower bunches, bees and all!


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