looks like chai

tea leaves by Arvind Balaraman

Tea Leaves by Arvind Balaraman

i  n      a     s  a  u  c  e  p  a  n,      b  o  i  l       m   i   l   k ,       a  d  d        w  a   t   e   r,              t   h   e   n       t   e    a

six spices by Michelle Meiklejohn

six spices by michelle meikejohn

s      t      e      e      p ,

Cuppa by Michelle Meikejohn

p   o   u   r       i   n        a          c   u   p

s  p  r  i  n  k  l  e   w  i  t  h      g  r   o  u  n  d    c  a  r  d  a m o m,

s    i    p

a  n  d       w a  t  c  h       t  h e         r   a   i   n

10 thoughts on “looks like chai

  1. yan jing's family

    yes, indira, silly me for not understanding blog boundaries. what was i thinking; i don’t know heather. perhaps,it was the wish that
    you will make chai for us all someday. xodi


  2. yan jing's family

    Giving thanks for chai and rainy days.

    Indira, no one makes chai like you do. I remember watching you make chai for me in North Brunswick, with the 6 Temple Dogs looking up at us in the kitchen. The way you stirred and poured the milk and water, in a way so quiet and gentle. You sent forth a sensual and generous energy that circled round the pot then continued over the 1970s mustard yellow stovetop and matching formica counter. You sprinkled tea leaves and one cardamom pod into the simmering milk. You added sugar, tasted, and corrected for the right amount of sweetness. I suppose afterward we enjoyed our cuppa in the room with the stained pink carpet and russet sectional boxy sofas that sit low to the floor with plenty of room for the 6 Temple dogs to sit around us as we sipped our tea and stared out the sliding glass doors into the woods.



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