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planted sweet peas

bought seeds



bought a long garden fork




dug the ground, made a furrow one inch deep, planted, and watered

apparently you can get this  at Ace Hardware.

apparently you can get this at Ace Hardware.

Stuck some long twigs in to net a string support…

–Oh!  I was looking for an illustration of twine, and googled “string, garden”, but ommitted the comma.  This was what I found: string gardens!

These creations are by horticulturist Fedor van der Valk.  From inhabitat.com, I found a quotation by him, and a description of his work:

“For a while I wanted to make animated videos with crocheted landscapes which were a kind of 3-dimensional spider web covered in moss and grass” says van der Valk. “The idea was to create bonsai-esque plants. To keep the landscapes really airy, I decided to work with hanging plants.” 

“Van der Valk uses a deft crocheting stitch to whip up the “frames,” so to speak, for his round masterpieces. He then impregnates them with different combinations of moss and earth which help the spheres to keep their shape. Some of the string gardens are mere fistfuls and some are massive – all are beautiful.”


Garden by Fuchs indulgy.com

Garden by Fuchs indulgy.com



Sweet peas growing on strings.