Dahlias revisited

Indira Ganesan,Dahlias I , summer 2021
Indira Ganesan, Dahlias II Summer 2021

With a few repeats thrown in, here is an updated look at the dahlias in the garden this summer. I count twelve different varieties pictured, though there are a little over a handful that never bloomed. One never knows what will happen planting tubers, or potting up seedlings, but the sight of each flower never ceases to amaze.

1 thought on “Dahlias revisited

  1. Canio's

    What a dazzling display of dahlias! I aspire to your dozen, but am content, humbled by the one Stormy Daniels plant I received and will do my best to guard it from nibbling insects next year! For now, it’s got one blessed little bud about the size of a pea. There’s hope, even in autumn.



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