2 thoughts on “New Workshop Class September 8,9, &10

  1. Laurie Noble

    I signed up for workshop and had asked to have you contact me but did not hear back. Sorry for last minute contact but it has been a whirlwind month for me. Just wanted you to know I am a non fiction writer mainly of lectures and articles. For years I have been struggling to write a book on Olympia Brown and American Suffrage movement and have not been happy with my efforts. I want to work on a new idea of combining three suffragists into a book since that will be more suited to what I have written in the past. I have given numerous lectures on these three women combined into one lecture and that has been well received. So I would like to get started on this project during our workshop and it will require my referring to my lecture. I hope that is agreeable since that would work best for me. Just wanted to give you a heads up in case workshop would not be suitable for this type of endeavor.

    My e mail is lauriecnoble@gmail.com and my pone/text is 508-237-8132.

    Laurie Noble



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