Starting again in another spring

The mourning doves have made a nest and are trying it out. Right as rain, on the first day of spring.

I started to clear out the balcony pots, so I won’t disturb their nesting to much. Deconstruction causes more noise than construction after all.

In the writing class I am taking with 2400 other people, we meditated for twenty minutes. Later, we were asked to write about noise in four examples.

The weather is warming up enough to abandon the coat, though I chippped ice off the car windows this morning to get to the radio station. Lion,lamb, lion, lamb.

These are not couplets, though it is national poetry day. I celebrated Joy Harjo and Elizabeth Bishop on the airwaves.

It is 9:30 pm, and the birds are still chirping. I hope we get spring before we burst into summer.

It maybe it is not birds at all, but tree frogs. Peepers; mysteries of spring.

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