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Playing music on the radio is a delight.  I grew up first listening to a NY Oldies station, where I heard “help!” by the Beatles for the first time, before moving on to Progessive radio on WNEW-FM.  WNEW featured wonderful radio DJs like Pete Fornatell, Vince Scelsa (who used to read letters from Bayonne Butch), Scott Muni, the velvet-voiced Alison Steele who always staerted her show with “Nights in White Satin,” and my favorite, Dennis Elsas, who had the 6pm show. What I could intuit was that the WNEW DJs were nice people, genuinely interested in music, respectful fans.   I was one of those kids who read Liner notes on albums with a passion, and was crazy for The Beatles.  

When i first moved to Provincetown, MA for a fellowship in early Eighties, and stayed an extra year, a friend gifted me her radio spot.  I got my license, and for a year, I hauled an armload of albums to the new local community radio station.  It was something I bragged about years later, as I taught my way to the West Coast and back, the one thing guarranteed to impress my students.  I even substituted for a show on Princeton’s college radio station, when I worked at McCarter Theater’s Box Office and ran into a  a folk music DJ whose show I admired (“You Can’t play That On the Radio”) buying tickets. 

I never imagioned I’d move back to Provincetown, but going back to the radio station was something I did not even think twice about.  The community at the station is so supportive, 97% are volunteers.

So here I am on Namaste, on Sunday mornings, playing ragas by sitar players on the air.  I am learning as I go, for I still know more about The Beatles than Ravi Shankar.  I work on my pronunciation, and when all else fails, I fall back on rock n’ roll.  Join me from anywhere in the world; this Sunday, I am going back to my roots, and playing two hours of Indian classical, before moving on to rock, and a weekly David Bowie highlight selected by our station manager (officially, Executive Director.) You can find WOMR online at  And you can listen to any show for two weeks after its aired on the station website’s Archieves Page.   

2 thoughts on “Namaste & More

  1. Canio's

    Will look forward to this Sunday’s program, as I’ve so enjoyed your eclectic broadcasts on many occasions. Thanks for singing the praises of those beloved DJs at WNEW; I,too, drank in their smooth voices and their fascinating musical selections late into many lonely high school nights when I probably should have been studying or sleeping!

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