After an absence of nearly a week, a mourning dove came by the balcony this evening. I just caught a glimpse, and to me, it looked young, as it moved its bright-eyed head. A flash of tail feathers, and it was gone. Did it really leave a small stick behind? 


Balcony 2020

That was a few days ago. The doves haven’t returned, but a snake has taken up residenice in the front yard. It seems happy, and I can be happy as long as I know where it and isn’t. The blog posts are out of sequence a bit, and I’m not sure why. Today I ventured out more than I ordinarily have, and found myself in traffic. I let many cars pass, as I did not need to be anywhere in a hurry. How strange not to rush for the bus, gambling on finding a parking lot at the nearest station, or skipping the exit for something over the bridge. How strange not to be rushing through South Station, grabbing a bite to eat on the way to class, and after class is over, rushing back to station to make it home by midnight. I would like those days to be in the past. I don’t mind teaching, but I do mind a commute that is longer than the time I actually spend on campus. Yet weren’t those the days, to be grateful for a seat alone in a compartment, falling asleep until the bus ground to a noisy halt?

4 thoughts on “Really?

  1. David

    You know there is really nothing like the interplay in nature between birds and other birds and animals and other animals and weather and seasons and mating and protecting one’s young from hungry predators and building a nest and finding food and then when the season change to migrate in some cases thousands miles away and then to get blown off course by an ocean storm……..These birds live such incredible lives And so often I just love sitting in my backyard garden and do absolutely nothing else but just watch them. It is no wonder that native Americans ascribed spiritual qualities to the natural world around them. What a mess we have made of their world.


      1. David

        Just a quick p.s. here. I would have to write about 100 of these responses to repay You for all the absolutely beautiful music you introduce me to every Sunday morning on Namaste. The thanks is all mine.


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