Mourning Dove

Two mourning doves have nested on the floor of my apartment balcony. Two because the male and female birds, mother and father, take turns sitting on the eggs in twelve-hour shifts.  I think the babies just hatched because the gestation period of two weeks is over, and because if I look closely, albeit quickly, I think I see a few baby feathers under whichever parent is on the nest.  This is the way the parents protect the newborns, by keeping them under wraps for three or four days.

The wet woodlands behind my home are full of loud bird noises all day and night.  Grackles, cardinals, crows, gold finches, blue jays, sparrows and hummingbirds chase one another with the abandon of the season. Owls and falcons, too, though they are largely hidden.

Everyday, I peek on the nest, hoping the family makes it.  It has been rough weather with wind, gale, gust, alternating with sunny calm. Even now as I type, the sun alternates with flakey snow.  Another week should see them safely off.  Meanwhile,  tiny tree frog has taken residence in one of the flower pots, and a fat bumble bee flies about.

I am so lucky to live in this bounty, this beauty.



8 thoughts on “Mourning Dove

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  3. David

    So simple and so beautiful. The timeless beauty of nature. So much to teach if we listen.we took a walk around the Payomet grounds in the winds yesterday. So majestic!


  4. Doug Thomas

    One year, a mourning dove pair raised three sets of two in a hanging flower basket in our patio. If they have suitable access to food and water, you may enjoy multiple nestings in that nest this year!


      1. Doug Thomas

        They are curious that way. “Nest” is a gracious way to call the typical mourning dove nest, yet they are a successful species. Asd noted before, if this nesting works, you probably will see more eggs this season! I hope you do!


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