Music for these times

By the sea: a recording by Anna Phoebe

I have not had too much to say these days, relishing the quiet, perhaps, though missing seeing other people. Spending far too much time on social media, yet it is often time well spent in terms of discovering moments of beauty. This song is such a one. If you go on instagram and search for Anna Pheobe Music, you will see an amazing collaborative pice on violin and keyboard, dedicated to all the health care workers. Poetry. I hope all if you are keeping well, finding moments of inspiration in the quiet.

3 thoughts on “Music for these times

  1. danabeesvoice

    Thanks, Indira. Lovely! I shared it with a writer friend in Sydney. So it’s traveling. There’s a piece that follows this video by Anna Phoebe and a group of lively musicians – very nice, with tabla!


    1. indiraganesan Post author

      oh, I’m glad you like. One thing about these crazy times is that there is so much good music being creatively produced! I am still doing my radio show, albeit from home, so tune in on if you have insomnia at 6 am-9am ET, or catch it on Radio Free America (see the womr website) for two weeks anytime!



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