Is it because?o


Is it because of the impeachment I want to stay in bed all day as the sun streams inside the apartment, and frost melts off the car?  Is it because of the impeachment I scan all the food articles in The Guradian and start reading the Travel section because the headlines have not changed in two hour? I read the Let’s Move to _______; wonder why Paris Hilton is upset because she has to boil noodles for lasagna, and shred the mozzerella, though she has proclaimed she is an amazing cook after watching her mother make lasagna seated on the kitchen counter ( making me try to remember who her mother was? Leona Helmsley? Or was that another hotel chain? ); and The Best Cushions of the Year  article, and go back to the headlines.  Is it because by Friday we will know if democracy was just a failed experiment, that we have somehow accepted an oligarch to front the country? I make myself wash my hair.  I will tie on my shoes and go out, somewhere.  I remember the good news I have heard from friends who have won grants and will write amazing books; I remember the interview with Mary Francis Berry in which she says people must protest and make their politicians act. I do not have a conclusion for this post, but here is a link to the Berry interview:—-history-teaches-us-to-resist–and-the-power-of-protest—extended-interview


4 thoughts on “Is it because?o

  1. David S Sylvia

    well,……… it’s always darkest before the dawn…….and p.s. listening to womr gives me hope especially all those beautiful voices you bring from all over the world to Namaste each week! ..when good people remain quiet, bad people win.

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  2. danabeesvoice

    Exactly how I’m feeling. Along with scared af – but only in limited quantities, because danger. It all feels so wrong. So I’ve cut out all social media, read articles in the NYT about a woman beginning ballet at age 62, then looking up adult beginner classes in Denver. And trying to focus on my own writing. I don’t have enough heart anymore to protest

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