2 thoughts on “New Tides

  1. David S Sylvia

    cape cod photos no doubt? my wife and i both have two kids and both live in hawaii which we visit quite regularly. so beautiful ofcourse. but each time i get the feeling of a longing to visit the Seashore beaches as soon as i get back. walking there; feels like home. p.s. new york times today has an interesting article interviewing several female writers on the impact “Little Women” had on their lives and their choices to become writers. if you haven’t seen it you might might want to take a look. happy new year.


    1. indiraganesan Post author

      Herring Cove and Race Point.
      I read that article, actually. I found myself researching the movie after I saw it, and found I was more impressed after reading about it than the initial experience of seeing it, to the point I wanted to see the film again!



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