Have I Not Mentioned The Best Of the Best?

Indira Ganesan, At the Colonial Theater, American Utopia, 2019
Indira Ganesan, American Utopia in Boston, September 2019
Indira Ganesan, If You Love the Music, Go! 2019

The show plays until February 16 at the Hudson Theater on Broadway.

WGBH interviews David Byrne here:


New Musical Express: https://youtu.be/4bEPey36Muw

2 thoughts on “Have I Not Mentioned The Best Of the Best?

  1. danabeesvoice

    I went to the interview with David Byrne, but got confused on my way there. Even though I heard the songs from Talking Heads, I was thinking “David Whyte” instead! And wondered what happened to give him an American accent. After listening to David Byrne’s interview, I did go to the Ted talk by David Whyte. He is the same as he ever was. It made a lovely morning. Thanks, Indira

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