Blue Monument for Autism Awareness, 2019

I should be at a reading reception art opening at the Fine Arts Work Center right now, to meet the new co-director, and say hello to a few friends, but I have been administering to two sick cats.  Ocean and Izzie are sick for the first time in the five years I’ve been their pet guardian.  A messy, not-over-yet gastrointestinal bug that has kept them woefully occupied with their internals, for the past few days, and me wiping up at every turn.  The we-are-so-lucky-to-have her vet has given them probiotics and bland food.  Foodie cats (I mean, can they be anything but?) ie finicky, they are none too keen on the new stuff.  I tricked the mama cat by coating her favorite treat with the med, and the kitten (5 years old now) ate a little of the new food because she is a bit more practical in her eating needs.

Last night, I read Hiro Akirawa’s The Travelling Cat Chronicles, which made me teary-eyed.   At four am, I was woken up by the kitten who got all affectinate before throwing up a thin, clear, viscous spittle.  It was a terrible sight to see her suffering so, and I am cringing as I write this. Meanwhile, I am blithely killing carpenter ants one by one, and really, now that I think about it, they do have personalitiies, don’t they, these ants?  What am I doing? Have I not seen the dying fifty-nine-year-old(!) chimpanzee saying goodbye video?

Tonight, There is full loud chorus of birds (or frogs?) outside, and the monument is lighting up blue for Autism Awareness. It is the first new moon of the month, and I hope we all sleep well enough tonight.


Sorry to hear about your kitties. Good luck nursing them back to health! You’re a good momma/guardian to stay home with them.


Caring for cats is a special duty given only to who can truly understand Cat behavior. You are a special person, Indira, indeed! (The throwing up in front of you is always accompanied by some unattached behavior before it comes! And yes, usually affection)


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