Santa Fe’s FarmersMarket

First were the bushels of peppers chilies waiting to be roasted. It was chili season, and [in addition to this treasure ,] heaps of shiny red, orange,purple, and green peppers were in baskets under a tent.

Eight kinds of potatoes, more varieties of the chilies, small sweet cantaloupe, tomatoes, string beans, pale lavender to dark purple eggplant–the market stalls burst with color. Okra. Stone ground flour. Hand pies. Gourmet donuts, thick enough to dunk. Sage wands wrapped in rose petals, and bunches of cosmos and stock and delphinium. Here, the photos are worth far more than the words.

4 thoughts on “Santa Fe’s FarmersMarket

  1. Deborah Madison

    Hi Indira,

    I’m just now catching up on old emails – including yours! It’s funny because I was there on Saturday, buying okra, roasted chiles, red peppers and plums and potatoes – among other goodies! It’s always dangerous when I take my husband, who buys the most expensive food!

    It was a delight meeting you and having you in class. I look forward to seeing your new book!! I know it will be haunting and poetic.

    My best, Deborah

    PS Peppers and chiles aren’t really the same, though they are both in the same family and closely related. But how nice that one could get roasted pepper at the market on Tuesday as well as chile!!



    1. indiraganesan Post author

      Dear Deborah,

      It was a wonderful workshop, and meeting you was even more wonderful. I miss our mornings, and the writing time. I think you got me very quickly: I need to sit down and actually write, not just plan. Deep bow for that.


    2. indiraganesan Post author

      Wait, there’s more! When I got home, I discovered my green cayenne pepper (?) turned red, which was such a nice surprise. On Saturday, I itched to go to the Ptown market for the first time in two months, but did not have energy. This itch was due to you, and your inspiring way with food and wisdom. Such a joy meeting you, and thank you for reading this blog!



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