Indira Ganesan, Nasturium Interior, 2017

There are many ways to jolt a a creative stasis.  Last week, I took a photography class taught by photographer and writer, Joanne Dugan .  In an imitimate class of six students, we took photographs for assignment and wrote corresponding text.  Such a simple preocess, yet the effects were startling.  My fellow students photographed and told stories about children, street signs, the erosion of the Herring Cove parking lot, inanimate oddities around town, and the Ptown 4th of July, a celebration emphasizing individual freedom, and rights for all people.

I photographed flowers, close-up.

Indira Ganesan, Georgia O’Keefe Painted Petunias, 2017

Indira Ganesan, Sun in Glory, 2017





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