Did the world just get a little darker today?



Indira Ganesan, Bleak, 2016

A student turned around as we were both on our way to respective classes and asked me, “Is it just me,  but did the world just become a darker place?”  We were strangers, and no context was needed.  The unbelievable has happened, and we have the wrong candidate in the victor’s seat.

I was grateful to this student.  Twice previously when I tried to open up conversation while waiting for the bus, my opening gambits of  got me baffling responses about the sunny weather.  Only a transit cop riding his bike (!) through the hallways at South Station bus terminal asked me,  “So how about that election?” I could only mime despair and disbelief, and gratitude on being asked.

We need to talk. We will survive.  A New Yorker article that says pointedly  and correctly we are not the decent nation we thought we were, because racial hate and misogyny won the votes.  A part of me wants to what one commentator called ” normalize,” assuaging our fears,  thinking the worst is over.  It isn’t.  But we will and we must stand up and fight the fight against injustice. I know for myself I must do better.

Last night I heard the coyotes cry.

Days before, I celebrated another year past by taking part in a retreat sponsored by TruroYoga and the Cape Cod Modern House Trust.  Walking on the beach and land, we did not know what was to come.  I learned Provincetown was only 6,000 years old, a blink in the eye of time, said a fellow retreater.  I learned several tables full of diners can sing Happy Birthday loudly and on key.  The photographs I took this last weekend reflected, briefly,  a different world than the one we up in today.


Indira Ganesan, Hatch House, Wellfleet, 2016


Indira Ganesan, Ryder Beach, Wellfleet, MA 2106


Indira Ganesan, Restoration in Progress for research center, 2016



Indira Ganesan, Restoration in Progress, 2016

Northeast Pond, Wellfleet, MA

Indira Ganesan, Northeast Pond, Wellfleet, MA, 2016

Let’s not sink before our time.


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