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Two Seals, A Road

This is the road ahead of us, every day.  Everyday, we decide what we bring, what we pack away.  We decide every day if we pause or go straight through.  This year, I give thanks, to what I fear, what I hate, what I know to be love, blessings, joy.  My imperfect self will remain imperfect, but if I am lucky, my appreciations will grow. This, On Thanksgiving Morning:   […]

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Did the world just get a little darker today?

  A student turned around as we were both on our way to respective classes and asked me, “Is it just me,  but did the world just become a darker place?”  We were strangers, and no context was needed.  The unbelievable has happened, and we have the wrong candidate in the victor’s seat. I was grateful to this student.  Twice previously when I tried to open up conversation while waiting for […]

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