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Will the Warmth Enter and Stay?


Indira Ganesan, Wild Partot, 2016

Indira Ganesan, Wild Partot, 2016


Only when it is time to plant the tomatoes.  This is the refrain I hear when I think about planting dahlia tubers; sow sunflower seeds; plant the zinnias.  The soil temperature has to remain in the fifties, if not ideally in the sixties.  As I write, an arctic air cuts through my open window ( because it is spring) and chills my short-sleeved (ditto) arms.

I am working on the third book of the Meterling series.  Sometimes I ignore it, thinking to get other responsibilities out of the way.  Yet that never works, for there is always a query, a quibble, a tugging in the mind that feels dissatisfied for not working.  So I distract myself with a garden that feels unbalanced.  Warmth seeps in the day, creeps away at night. There is a new foal at the farm, I hear.  Still spring then, the season of all things new, but not yet time to plant the flowers I love.

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