Three Whistle Potatoes


For a few weeks now, I’ve harbored a craving for alu mutter, that glorious Punjabi dish of potato and peas soaked in a tomato based sauce tinged with cumin, coriander, mustard, asafeodita, red pepper, garlic, ginger, and onion.  There you have it, the ingredients for a dish to be sopped by handfuls of poori, that delicate wheat bread that puffs up to a golden pillow in hot oil.  I looked for a recipe online, and found one that began with ” cook the potato in the pressure cooker for three whistles.  I looked for another, and made do with a curry I assembled quickly from an Australian transplanted from India and naan from Shop Rite.  Then I settled in to watch the new BBC War and Peace, in which Natasha dances at the ball.




7 thoughts on “Three Whistle Potatoes

  1. jenniferheath

    Forgot entirely about Alu Mutter. Stomach just growled. I’m on it tonight. Thanks, dearest Indira (Indearest?)!
    Meanwhile, watched BBC War and Peace and thought it spectacular. Haven’t read the book for40+ years, and almost that many years ago saw the earlier W&P with Audrey Hepburn — all mannerisms and social mores, whereas the new one really tackles the juice. I’m back to reading the book, right after I finish Tolstoy’s “What is Art?” Certainly a shorter read!

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  2. Maryann

    I can nearly smell the savory sweetness from here. Buon appettito! & Happy International Women’s Day, March 8!
    Perhaps you’ll be writing your own wonderful cookbook one day, or novel with recipes. Yummm…


  3. SGB

    Long time no post Indu dear! That curry looks good, come visit and you shall have it everyday!!!


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