Dream interlude

Yesterday, i walked around Boston’s greenway, and came upon this wonderous sight.  A public art installation by Janet Echelman, made of polyester cord resembling fish netting.  It was shimmery at midday, and can only imagine what it might look like at dawn or sunset.  What a grand canopy to , say, perform Shakespeare under!

Indira Ganesan, Janet Echelman's art on the greenway, Boston 2015

Indira Ganesan, Janet Echelman’s art on the greenway, Boston 2015

Indira Ganesan, Janet Echelman's Public Art, boston2015

Indira Ganesan, Janet Echelman’s Public Art, boston2015

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3 thoughts on “Dream interlude

  1. Maryann

    How wonderful, mysterious, ethereal! the colors of sunset and dawn floating and drifting in the wind. Thanks, Indira, for bringing this to our attention. I love the idea of Shakespeare under this gossamer cloud. If you hear of such a performance, let us know. It may just prompt a trip north. Does it have a title? Maybe bring your students to write beneath it. I’m curious to learn how it affects passersby.

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