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The Trees

Last night the trees were covered in such white snow, that it felt like I chanced upon a fantasy, a world like Narnia, say.

 It is Neptune’s blizzard now, shaking yesterday’s snow off the limbs, scattering the snow sideways.

My neighbor’s shingled wall looks like it’s dusted with powdered sugar.  The power comes and goes, like the women

and Michelangelo, and the wind howls and howls.  Blizzards in the daytime are of course easier to take than at night,

when the snow offers serenity in moments of quiet.  The cats are curled up, asleep, in separate corners; they have

been antsy with

each other, picking fights, and I blame the lack of fresh air ( drafts don’t count.)

But of course, drafts do count, and my novel is a mess, as I rethink so much of the dialogue ( needed?) and action

( necessary?).  Piles of essays and stories and other work wait for my attention.  I am dreaming of winter vacation

( December? January?) but Bird by Bird, these too will get done.

Another blizzard, 2015

Another blizzard, 2015

The pots outside are capped like muffin-tops with snow. The walks are smooth.  It really is beautiful.

  1. SGB #

    NIce Indira,

    makes it worth the pain of navigating daily slushy life. Badri


    February 15, 2015
  2. Darling Indira! I have printed this to read over and over as I stare at the (coming again!) storm.
    Thank you, thank you.


    February 27, 2015
  3. Reblogged this on jenniferheath and commented:
    This wonderful piece by Indira Ganeson…says it all.


    February 27, 2015
  4. very uplifting


    February 28, 2015

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