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    I heard the coyotes again last night– arise of yelps pitched high with barks. I once saw them a year ago circle in the horse farm, late at night. Was it coyotes New Englanders heard when they condemned women as witches at Salem? They did the same in England. The sound is unearthly, frightening, because there is an edge of agitation, animal unease. I thought my cats would […]

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Everyone’s Paris-II

I found Hotel du Dragon on Rue du Dragon, a small street which connected with St -Germain -de -Pres.  Entering the dark lobby, I rang the bell for the concierge.  I dislike ringing bells for people, and I wonder if my entrance was heard.  In any case, I think the concierge was having her meal with the family.  I was asked to pay in cash when my reservation was found, […]

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Paris, this new home-I

I have started a new online writing course with Cynthia Morris. In it, we explore our Paris, write, and complete a short story in a moth’s time.  There is a small online community, a host of images, and prompts.  My Paris is very small, steeped in a memory of a trip taken in 1991 to visit my French publisher and meet the French translator of my first novel.  That novel will […]

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Sleeplessness comes uncalled

Sleeplessness comes when you least expect it, and yet, perhaps you consciously court it.  Why else eat popcorn laced with your aunt’s special Sesame-cumin-dal powder, followed by spoonfuls of hazelnut chocolate? What matter it isn’t Nutella but organic, as is the popcorn and powder? Sunday before Monday, and you eat, in full knowledge, yet are still surprised to find it is half-past twelve, and in four hours –less, really–the alarm […]

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A Round of Robins

In searching for the term to describe a collection of robins in the sky, I discovered the word “time-slice.” A slice of time is the time assigned for a procedure scheduled to run its course.  Wikipedia suggests it is interchangeable with “quantum,” a word that seems as mysterious as a black hole, but not as mysterious as slicing time on a wooden block, with a sharp knife.  This is when […]

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