Ocean and Ziggie



Two cats.  Five names. But now the main names are Ocean and her daughter Ziggie.  Ocean because her eyes are deep and her coat is black and velvety, and there is a wave of white near her belly.  Ziggie because she bears the zig-zag outline of a mountain range on her side, and she zips around like an investigator, ever curious and fast. When mother and daughter leap, they are astral yoginis, Cirque de Soleil. When they sleep, they are babies; Ocean tucks herself in, and Ziggie sprawls, each in their basket which used to hold mail.

Two cats. Two names. But T.S.Eliot’s Old Possum’s Book of Practical Cats(for when is a cat anything but practical?) tells us there are four names for each cat, and one of these secret:
The Naming of Cats by T.S.Eliot

Just for fun, here is “The Wasteland” as well, though April is far away:
The Wasteland Read by Eliot

Once it was five cats, five names and a chart to tell them apart.  That was they were month-old kittens and a young mom. Three of the kittens have ben happily welcomed into  new digs, but two are staying  with me, their guardian. Two cats, with two new names.

5 thoughts on “Ocean and Ziggie

  1. danabeesvoice

    Your cats are beautiful! And what a lovely bed they are provided by such a tasteful Cat Mom. I’m going to listen to The Wasteland now because it’s February and that’s how it feels. My cat Violet only has one name – I’m going to give her a second for Valentine’s Day.


  2. chsunspirit

    The Wasteland………April ????…..hmmmmm

    For me….and a few others….the day for Four Quartets…..is…Valentine’s Day…..for “the Fire and the Rose……are ….One!!!”

    Your cats and their Guardian……are precious……we thank you for their celebration/protection/illumination….far be it for us to know their “secret names”….-smiles amongst us-…..ch



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