I have never preferred sunsets over other types of natural phenomena.  To watch a sinking sun, as it elegantly widens and smoothly dips into the ocean, while flame colored clouds unfurl around it is beautiful, but not an activity I especially like to see.  I am too attached to even the sun which must go through a daily cycle of seeing death and rebirth.  Better for me sunrise, which offers softer colors, the scope of possibilities, the beginning of all things.

Today I went to the ocean just before sunset to see the water and sun and sand; to collect round stones; to thank the universe for giving me a chance to make my way to another coast, to meet  a rare woman who became a soul sister, mentor, and trusted friend.  Her life has enhanced my life in countless ways, sharpened my intellect, my sense of humor, and my stories. She has made me braver, bolder, and more humane.  She leaves behind a world of family and friends touched by her innate humanity, kindness, and wicked humor.  My heart swells, overflows.

5 thoughts on “Friendship

  1. Yan Jing's Family

    66w11, NYC. Last century. Your Rizzoli reading. We gathered. I met your rose of a friend. Arm and arm and arm you all posed for a photo I took. We were so young and full of mirth. I can’t find that photo. No matter. It is in my heart. She brushed my life briefly with a steady grounded energy and a touch of sparkle.



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