Relativity, a domestic science


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Sometime in the last two seasons, I gained a year.  Whether it was because the year turned to 2013, or because I started a job, I was certain I was fifty-three years old.  I told everyone I was fifty-three, until last week, when I was filling out an insurance form, I realized I have been fifty-two all along.  Somehow, I cheated myself of a year, and leaped. So now in a month or so, I will become fifty-three, but where was the glory of my fifty-second year?  Had I known I was so young, I might have done something differently.  Taken a vacation, learned Italian.  Maybe I would have spent more nights up, arms up, catching hold of the exurberance fifty-two holds.  As it was, most nights I went to bed early, a milky bev and a book in hand.

Today, I gained several hours.  Looking at the clock, I was convinced that like most of my days, it was bound to be past one, and I had forgotten lunch, and I had to catch up on work.  But to my immense pleasure, it was ten minutes before eleven, hardly brunch.

To celebrate my fifty-second year (again), I opened up Dorrie Greenspan’s Baking and made her classic brownies. Then I took a walk.  I have many more days in my fifty-second year, and why waste any of it?

6 thoughts on “Relativity, a domestic science

  1. Yan Jing's Family

    Happy 52 years! So young. So wise.

    I did the same thing when I turned 57. I kept telling people i was 58!

    What does it all mean to forget these numbers. That we are finally wise enough to know what is relevent? Like books. The birds that wake us in the morning. The owl that wakes us at night. Brownies. Blondies. Shimmering light. Mysterious shadows.


  2. Sandra

    I agree, it’s precious! Unfortunately I’m further along on the scale of counting years, but only acknowledging thirteen of them! It does pay they say to stay in the moment perhaps, concentrate on just how much fun one can have right now. Forget about time! Slowly I’m learning.


  3. ro

    Lol. Indira you are simply too hilarious! Imagine adding a year to your age!
    I grudgingly acknowledge every day I get older since I crossed 50.
    I zimply zimply love what you wrote ! Enjoy the last few day of being 52! About 40 days left !



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