Frog means luck


Photo: wikipedia: northern green frog-Tweksbury, NJ

There is a fat green frog living in the garden, near the hostas. He kept utterly still as I called a neighbor to see. This corner of the garden must be charmed, for it was here I went eye to eye with a hummingbird. Has he been feasting on mosquitoes? I hope so. He looks so luxurious, so fat.

5 thoughts on “Frog means luck

  1. Yan Jing's Family

    Beautiful Froggy Bountiful!

    I caught a glimpse of a tiny shy frog in the part of the garden where i have not yet weeded. She/he gave me the excuse to stop weeding for the summer.

    I wonder wht sort of frogs you and I have?


    1. indiraganesan Post author

      I think they are simply “green frogs”– i don’t think they are bull frogs or are they tiny tree frogs. It was like an illusion. Today, the hummingbird supped happily from the fuschia.



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