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Relativity, a domestic science

    bbr /> Sometime in the last two seasons, I gained a year.  Whether it was because the year turned to 2013, or because I started a job, I was certain I was fifty-three years old.  I told everyone I was fifty-three, until last week, when I was filling out an insurance form, I realized I have been fifty-two all along.  Somehow, I cheated myself of a year, and […]

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Fur Flying, Feet Out

This morning, I thought I’d add a teaspoon of turmeric to my coffee since I have a cough and cold.  It was raining hard and I dashed outside to grab my newspaper which, despite being diligently tied and wrapped in plastic, was still sopping because a dog bit through the package.  I left the paper to dry on the stairs and, balancing an assortment of small bowls and my coffee […]

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Frog means luck

There is a fat green frog living in the garden, near the hostas. He kept utterly still as I called a neighbor to see. This corner of the garden must be charmed, for it was here I went eye to eye with a hummingbird. Has he been feasting on mosquitoes? I hope so. He looks so luxurious, so fat.

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