Bags and Bags of Books

Chilmark Reception Site/Vineyard Gazette

When one comes back from a book festival, one’s arms are loaded with books.  Mine were, along with a goodie bag full of chocolates, more books, and cloth bags.  I also carried back a gallon of raw milk, and two large tubs of yogurt.  Bliss.  Of course I cut a comical scene with my bags slipping off each other every few paces, my arms threatening to fall off, but soon, I reached home, after one of the most invigorating and fun weekends I’d had in along while.

The Martha’s Vineyard Book Festival is offered up every two years, and this year was presented in two locations, in Edgartown, and in Chilmark.  A heartfelt thank you to Suellen Lazarus and Bunch of Grapes Bookstore for organizing the events so seamlessly and so generously, and to Maggie Shipstead, Kitty Pilgrim, and J.Courtney Sullivan, plus our gracious tour-guide Howard for being such good company. And a shout-out to the lovely Joan Nathan who set the ball rolling.

Festivities for the authors included a number of receptions and breakfasts, including one in the very palatial yet discreet place that rumour has the Obamas staying at on their vacation.  I sipped mineral water and wondered what it would be like to wake up with the ocean in one’s backyard.

Very nice indeed, I imagine.  Very nice indeed.

2 thoughts on “Bags and Bags of Books

  1. Yan Jing's Family

    Beautiful places! And, books, raw milk, yogurt, and chocolate! Who could ask for more? Glad you had such a lovely break.



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