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Approach, with mist, with expectation

Overcast skies that break into sun when the four o’clocks open.  A blue-mooned month. Night, and the streets are less crowded, but still lively, as the men laugh loudly, in a place they can call their own, and wed whom they want. Marriages on the beach; shark sightings, sail boats rides at sunset.  Treasures of summer, a season that included two recent fatalities.  One, a woman I had just met mid-summer […]

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The edge of fall approaching

  It is there in the horizon, the coolness of the nights, the reach for a scarf or sweater at dinner.  The garden looks slightly spent in spots; the fennel and oregano have been in flower for weeks now.  Autumn winks, hints it won’t be long before pencils sharpen, fresh notebooks packed into backpacks. Summer, you are never more ravishing than when you are ready to slip away.

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Bags and Bags of Books

Chilmark Reception Site/Vineyard Gazette When one comes back from a book festival, one’s arms are loaded with books.  Mine were, along with a goodie bag full of chocolates, more books, and cloth bags.  I also carried back a gallon of raw milk, and two large tubs of yogurt.  Bliss.  Of course I cut a comical scene with my bags slipping off each other every few paces, my arms threatening to […]

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When the Hummingbird Looks You in the Eye

You blink.  It is hard to believe this bullet shaped body, green like a parrots, hovering in front you  and beating its wings so fast, the sound is as thick as a bee hive.  It wanted the lavender astilbe which finally decided to bloom, the specific bloom I was standing next to.  It looked at the bloom, then at me. I f I reached out my hand just a little, I […]

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