Insomnia 1

The night time frogs are keeping me up. They gurgle and burp like little monsters from the woods behind my home. When they stop to catch a breath, the buzzing insects start, not cricket, not locust, but something. The frogs sound thirsty and they sound close. This morning I bathed the yard with sweet-smelling eco-safe and sound skeeter spray. It doesn’t harm anything but the ticks and mosquitoes– I checked– the honeybees still buzzed about, as did the wasp. The roses didn’t wilt, and neither did the zinnia. But I must have disturbed some balance. How could I have not? Does the death of the mosquito from the space of my small yard make the frogs chirp louder? Have I stolen their supper? I drink hot milk with saffron, try to read about Cromwell and the Cardinal, but I am distracted. Someone is out walking their dog. Can they hear the frogs too?

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