When is tea time?


Lobularia maritima


My first Monday of the summer.  Summer means when school is out, and for me, it is today. Grades are in, and I have probably treated everyone unfairly and unjustly. The world will continue.


It’s 48 F now, and the sun is in full bloom, as are the trees, tulips, daffodils, calibrachoa, foam flowers,and sweet  alyssum.  At least, in the garden centers. My garden is full of blooming weeds. It is May, and so despite the chill, it is spring.




My friend Lisa Birman writes about time in her blog, two or more countries, and I read the post hot off the press.  Funny how she is thousands of miles away, and I get an email announcement, open and read.  A very Steve Jobs moment, I think, this wonder of cyberspace, time, and mechanics.


I started this post early in the day, and now it is evening. I have a stack of twenty books I’ve acquired here and there to read. I remember the days I used to pick up one book at a time and read it completely before going on to the next.  Travel has made me shop for books and begin them, only to bookmark and abandon.  So this spring-to-summer is for reading, one book at a time. A Whitman’s Sampler, to be savored, over tea. Anytime.





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Yan Jing's Family May 7, 2013 at 5:57 am

School’s out! happy Summer!


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