Indira Ganesan,Solo Sunflower, 2011

Indira Ganesan,Solo Sunflower, 2011

I’m excited to head back to Colorado for two readings. It is a lovely chance to see old friends and take the book back to where it was mostly written. Maybe it was the extra oxygen, or all that sun, but I lived fully my seven years there, in a gamut of emotions. What I discovered was a treasure trove of friendships, love freely given and given some more. Only by leaving can you often gain perspective on a place, but I was lucky enough to know I loved it when I lived there. Most of the time, anyway. Once I struck up a conversation with a woman at a soup-only cafe on what ‘home” means. How long does it take to make the decision you are at home in a place. Five years was her suggestion. Give any place five years before passing judgment.

I want to write more on this topic of home later, but for now, if you are in the area, please come to these events, for which I am deeply honored to be taking part:

Thursday, April 4, 7:30 pm: Boulder Bookstore, Pearl Street, Boulder, CO: As Sweet As Honey Reading and Q & A

Friday, April 5, 7:30pm: Tattered Cover Books, Colfax Avenue, Denver, CO: As Sweet As Honey Reading and Q & A

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